Deployment, Installation & Integration


Leverage on Danawan Technologies resources and expertise to ensure reliable, efficient deployment of your IT assets, from the configuration and preparation of hardware and software through to delivery scheduling and coordination.

• Leading-brand products;
• Full-service configuration support;
• Extensive logistics capabilities, including warehousing and transportation;

Whether you need a single desktop or laptop computer or you’re planning a full-scale coast-to-coast technology refresh, Danawan Technologies can deliver pre-configured, standardized systems to each and any of your locations across Brunei. Our highly efficient processes ensure that systems are configured to your organization’s standards, including software images and asset tags, and we can also provide comprehensive details to help you efficiently manage your IT assets.

• Improved system reliability and performance: proven deployment systems and certified technical teams ensure that all new servers, storage, desktops, notebooks and/or applications will perform against established criteria;
• Ensures network security practices are upheld;
• Ensures compliance and regulatory standards are met;
• Cost-efficient rollout processes, scheduled to meet each location’s unique needs and requirements;
• Minimizes disruption of business operations;
• Frees up your internal resources to focus on other IT priorities.

Danawan Technologies can coordinate the delivery and deployment of new equipment on a just-in-time basis, anywhere across Brunei. Systems can be pre-configured and staged by Danawan Technologies, and delivered according to your schedule, ready to be installed either by your internal resources or by Danawan Technologies certified technicians.

• Increased efficiency of rollouts and implementation schedules;
• Greater flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes on-site;
• No need to store new equipment at your facilities prior to installation;
• Reduced employee downtime and disruptions.

Installation & Integration

Danawan Technologies offers onsite installation and integration services in order to help you get your IT systems up and running as quickly as possible. Danawan can deliver the installation services you need by assisting with the onsite installation of your PCs, servers and networking equipment.

Benefits of onsite installation and integration services:
• A solution to meet your criteria
• Continuity with minimal disruption of business operations
• High-quality setup, configuration and deployment by certified technicians
• Improved system reliability and performance
• Quick turnaround to get equipment up and running without diverting internal resources

Standard installation and integration services include:
• Unpacking of equipment
• Connection of power cords and networking cables
• High-quality setup, configuration and deployment by certified technicians
• Initial power-on tests to ensure equipment is functioning
• Installation of various hardware components
• Data file transfers
• Integration with existing network and systems

Software Installation Services

Danawan Technologies can help your organization prepare a software rollout or assist with the deployment and configuration of software. Danawan Technologies makes the process of installing and configuring software, including productivity solutions, utilities, operating systems, antivirus and security programs and many others, a hassle-free experience for your organization.

By leveraging Danawan Technologies expertise, your organization will get the most out of its software investment by deploying the software licenses you have purchased and configured to optimize the way your organization works.

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