IT Infrastructure Planning


It take years of experiences in an IT environment to achieve company’s strategic IT goals and it all starts from the infrastructure planning process. Danawan Technologies specialists will work with you to assess your existing IT infrastructure in order to establish clear parameters for your application, operating system and hardware requirements. Delivered in the form of a detailed report, the assessment will help you identify any gaps, risks and potential problems in critical areas such as availability, security, business continuity and compliance, or to help you optimize your IT environment.

Key deliverables include:

• Baseline information to define your present environment, including network, servers, storage and backup, power and cooling, desktops and notebooks, multi-function printers, displays and other peripherals;

• Summary of risks and key project success criteria for achieving your IT goals in terms of performance, manageability, growth, stability, standardization, and more.

Design & Development

Great solution architecture brings your business goals and IT requirements together.

With a view to delivering an IT architecture solution that will not only optimize your IT environment but also accelerate overall business success, Danawan Technologies specialists will design and recommend an IT solution that adapts readily to your current infrastructure and can be scaled according to your evolving business needs. Based on a comprehensive assessment of your existing IT environment, the design provides a clear roadmap for implementing a solution that meets your budget, schedule, and overall business goals.

Danawan Technologies designs IT solutions that are tailored to meet any of several objectives:

• Reducing maintenance, operating and ownership costs;
• Increasing security, availability, flexibility and compliance;
• Adding new functionality and higher performance capabilities.

Proof of Concept

Due diligence demands that you ensure the soundness and viability of new technology investment decisions. To this end, Danawan Technologies specialists will partner with you to test and validate the recommended solution prior to its implementation within your production IT environment. Demonstration methods vary according to the type, nature and scale of the technology: in some cases, hardware and software applications will be installed with evaluation licenses to facilitate, for example, a 30-day trial run; alternatively, a pilot program might be deployed, in which Danawan Technologies implements the initial phase of a larger project.

Proof of concept initiatives should be considered:

• To validate that the proposed solution will meet your requirements;
• To evaluate alternative solutions prior to making a final decision;
• To minimize risks prior to implementing significant changes to your production IT environment.

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