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Managing and supporting your software assets can be complex, time-consuming and, if you’re not in compliance with vendors’ copyright restrictions, can also have serious legal and financial repercussions. Danawan Technologies simplifies compliance processes and helps keep your licenses up to date with centralized procurement and licensing programs that will help you save time and money throughout the life cycle of each of your software assets.

Danawan Technologies software licensing services encompass three major areas of support:
Acquisition:To help you get maximum value on your software investments, certified software specialists will assess your existing environment, advise you on selecting the appropriate products, and draft the appropriate software contracts taking into account such key issues as volume rebates, product use rights, licensing deployment, consolidation of existing licensing programs, and more;

Software compliance: Through compliance audits, assessments and ongoing monitoring of licensing renewals, migrations and rights of use, we can help reduce legal liability risks and assist in redeployment of unused software assets;

Inventory maintenance: We can help you manage your software inventory more efficiently and cost-effectively, from the coordination of program registrations, and renewals to reporting and analysis, and reallocation of unused software assets.

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